As most if you know I stopped modeling two years ago and am happy with the decision. On occasion I will shoot with a dear friend but I no longer have the physic or muscle tone of a good figure model. I now travel about 320 days a year with my job, working much of the time. It became too difficult to book shoots. With the support of my husband Josh and my dear friend David Swanson I graciously bowed out. I took down almost all of my profiles, leaving just a ModelMayhem and OMP spot up. Recently I have been bombarded with requests that I would not have considered even in my full time days. It is actually getting to be a bit annoying. I am toying with the idea of removing these two remaining ports.

What I’m struggling with is not wanting to completely disappear but I don’t model anymore.

This is a shot that Gary M took on Valentine’s Day this year.  I my be retired but I still got it!!

Is your hobby a talent? Those photographers out there could answer this in some pretty deep ways I’m sure. My hobby, which I don’t often get to do anymore, is sewing and I am certainly talented. Having been exposed from a young age to the wisdom of great seamstresses in combination with natural ability; I am talented at something I enjoy. I can recall the construction of items I made 10 years ago and recreate from memory. On that same thought I am a talented basketball player but don’t enjoy it.

What a terrible thing it is that I live most of my days separated from a sewing machine! What is a girl to do? Get a new hobby and hope for the best. I would not call myself a talented photographer or writer but I make one heck of a blogger. My most recent venture has been live for 30 days and gets more than 50 hits a day. I consider it a hobby, I blog for the fun of it and what a wonderful network it creates.

What does any of this have to do with modeling? How could a hobby make me a better model? Sewing was obvious, yoga yeah that one is easy and studying art all of these are direct connects. So would belly dancing, that is Josh’s vote for my next hobby. Maybe just maybe our hobbies exists to make us better at our jobs! Far out man.

Copyright – Tom K.

I am reminiscing today about a last minute shoot a few winters ago. It was one that had been in the works for a while but was perpetually getting canceled. On a spur I agreed to make the outdoor shoot happen. Not keen on standing nude in snow I only agreed because of the pay. Being a bit hung over (yeah like that was the first time) I made it to the shoot. Not often do things work out so well, it had dumped snow the night before and was sunny out. So perfectly did we frolic around with mounds of snow on branches. By afternoon the snow was gone and would not return.

For any of you who have had the joy of working with my hung over magic can happen.

I am not a lingerie model, I have been known to model in my undies. Yes there are some who enjoy the way I look clothed. Shocker right, however if I had ever been given the opportunity to do a lingerie shoot like this I would have JUMPED at it. It’s not just the set, the lingerie but I love the finish and edit. On a side note that if anyone did think they cold pull this off I have a lingerie collection that would make most weak in the knees. It is my vise, other then tea. And I like the good stuff!!!!!!

These images are from Coco de Mer

When I was growing up I was certainly not a cool kid, in an area with just one school and a population of 2,300 different is not cool. At my wedding my father gave a toast noting that they raised me to be very independent and stay true to myself. I didn’t date in high school because no one would date me, no other reason. I didn’t have a date for dances, I was the person that other picked on. Yes you do sense some bitterness there and I am working on that.

So I went from being the least liked person to being a social center, college for me was amazing. It really was a fresh start. But I hasten to return to the point. Why am I talking about being a cool kid on here. Whenever it comes up that I used to be a model it creates instant cool cred. I don’t look like a model, never did but on film I am magic. I guess after being in the business so long and my close girlfriends being models I don’t get it.

So I like being a cool kid but don’t miss being a full time model.

This weekend was a rough one around here, I suffered from a severe allergic reaction and sometimes being on the road does not make is possible to get right to a doc. So the next best thing dope up on Benadryl and booze. Just don’t mix Vogue Magazine in there. One might wonder how those could be related, but my head was soon filled with fantasies of coming out of retirement and shedding all the weight I have gained. About going back the the lifestyle it takes to be a model.

I look at fashion mags for the clothes don’t get me wrong but Vogue is different the photography is amazing. Needless to say I am more excited about my trip to Mexico to shoot now.

I’m stuck in a rut, stuck at a desk, stuck sorting crap. Another week at the office, another week off the road. I am itching to get out of here. Anyone want to book a funeral exhibit.

I looked up today what a “Hipster” is. I saw the term in an interview recently, I feel silly to be in my 20’s and not know what it is. I think I know one, lol. Like they are outsiders or something. They are the opposite, modern hipsters set the mainstream. They dictate fashion, what popular political views are, elect presidents. I do enjoy Schlitz but I am fairly certain that my political views prevent me from being a hipster.

I see merit in being young and enjoying the development of culture that will mark a generation. The music, art and politics however with age and responsibility we will all become more conservative and greedy. Maybe our hipsters will be able to hang on longer and see forward some changes. My hippy in laws have hung onto some things. They are the most green people I know.

Shame on my be being raised with a work ethic, guess I didn’t have a chance to be cool.

Every generation has em, mine are are no different.

I know that my post from yesterday seamed a bit random. I will go a little deeper. I don’t have many friends, I know tons of people and can roll with anyone but the list of people I would call to talk to is very short. That list is mostly photographers and models. So that means that I rarely see these people I call friends. The type of job I have keeps me from really getting to know anyone.

Recently I have sparked up friendly banter with a model I worked with a year ago. She is moving to the city I am based out of. I have high hopes of finding a female I can go have a drink with. The other woman at my company my age don’t drink. I don’t want to rush into a friendship, that always backfires for me. I am just very excited.

For a person whose two closest friends are a little old mountain man and her mom you can imagine how strange I really am.