I had a really good question come my way from a fellow blogger, is it all worth it? He was referring to the risk that is taken by posing and shooting nudes. I answered with a yes and a no.

For me personally being an art model is a part of who I am, like being a runner to some. You don’t have a choice in doing it because it makes your life whole. I how also been victim to the bad sides, I lost a job, lost a promotion and have nearly been assaulted. Just a little note, the fact that I pose nude does not in fact make me a whore. You can by my time but not my body. I know shocking, right.

For those who are seriously in the business they all have been discriminated against in one way or another. A dear friend lost a very good job, with a camera company no less, because he shot nudes. Agencies turn away models, promotional companies let girls go and the list goes on and on. For the most part I am referring to people who shoot just plain ol‘ art, this does not count those that dabble in fetish. That gets even messier, unless you are the light master like my dear friend Southbound, good luck not getting type cast.

If you stop by David Swanson’s blog at all you will hear about the “little old ladies”. Those with too much time on their hands. He is a very special person in my life and I have even been contacted by some spouting horrible lies. It is frightening the lengths that some go too.

I am sharing with you a controversial image taken years back. This gets misinterpreted so much, this was shot by Southbound at the Hyde House in Milwaukee. It was the collaboration of a group of people and a lot of love. We chose to do this after someone had just recently lost a huge contract over a bikini shot they put on the web. The subject is that we do nudes because we want to and damn the consequence. You want to persecute us and try to hide it that’s your deal.

So is it worth it, to take a photo like this, I think so. But after this shot came out I was put into the fetish model bucket and dropped by an agency. And yes I am really hanging there.