I looked up today what a “Hipster” is. I saw the term in an interview recently, I feel silly to be in my 20’s and not know what it is. I think I know one, lol. Like they are outsiders or something. They are the opposite, modern hipsters set the mainstream. They dictate fashion, what popular political views are, elect presidents. I do enjoy Schlitz but I am fairly certain that my political views prevent me from being a hipster.

I see merit in being young and enjoying the development of culture that will mark a generation. The music, art and politics however with age and responsibility we will all become more conservative and greedy. Maybe our hipsters will be able to hang on longer and see forward some changes. My hippy in laws have hung onto some things. They are the most green people I know.

Shame on my be being raised with a work ethic, guess I didn’t have a chance to be cool.

Every generation has em, mine are are no different.