When I was growing up I was certainly not a cool kid, in an area with just one school and a population of 2,300 different is not cool. At my wedding my father gave a toast noting that they raised me to be very independent and stay true to myself. I didn’t date in high school because no one would date me, no other reason. I didn’t have a date for dances, I was the person that other picked on. Yes you do sense some bitterness there and I am working on that.

So I went from being the least liked person to being a social center, college for me was amazing. It really was a fresh start. But I hasten to return to the point. Why am I talking about being a cool kid on here. Whenever it comes up that I used to be a model it creates instant cool cred. I don’t look like a model, never did but on film I am magic. I guess after being in the business so long and my close girlfriends being models I don’t get it.

So I like being a cool kid but don’t miss being a full time model.