Is your hobby a talent? Those photographers out there could answer this in some pretty deep ways I’m sure. My hobby, which I don’t often get to do anymore, is sewing and I am certainly talented. Having been exposed from a young age to the wisdom of great seamstresses in combination with natural ability; I am talented at something I enjoy. I can recall the construction of items I made 10 years ago and recreate from memory. On that same thought I am a talented basketball player but don’t enjoy it.

What a terrible thing it is that I live most of my days separated from a sewing machine! What is a girl to do? Get a new hobby and hope for the best. I would not call myself a talented photographer or writer but I make one heck of a blogger. My most recent venture has been live for 30 days and gets more than 50 hits a day. I consider it a hobby, I blog for the fun of it and what a wonderful network it creates.

What does any of this have to do with modeling? How could a hobby make me a better model? Sewing was obvious, yoga yeah that one is easy and studying art all of these are direct connects. So would belly dancing, that is Josh’s vote for my next hobby. Maybe just maybe our hobbies exists to make us better at our jobs! Far out man.